Monarch Housing Associates


In 2022, Montclair community stakeholders began engaging in monthly convenings to address local homelessness in Montclair, forming the Montclair Unhoused Group. Stakeholders in this group include elected officials, school district representatives, funders, non-profit social service and community development agencies, local hospitals, and the Montclair Business Improvement District (BID). This group retained Monarch Housing Associates to facilitate a strategic planning process  to end homelessness in Montclair, which was completed in spring 2023. The work is now in its implementation phase. Monarch Housing Associates is a statewide non-profit consulting organization founded in 1990 with a mission to end homelessness in NJ through sound planning and the creation of housing opportunities for all. Schumann Fund participates in Montclair Housing Group’s monthly convenings and joins Partners for Health Foundation and Montclair Fund for Women as well as government funders in a collaborative funding effort to support the strategic planning and implementation endeavor to end homelessness in Montclair.